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How to Build Effective Working Relationships

It is good to have best friends at work place, well, on one study says that employees with best friend at work are more likely motivated going to work every day and do their job at their best. People who have good friends at work are the one who are likely to be contented.

Building good relationship will definitely help you to feel belong in a society, it is somewhat important because there are times that we need to feel we are valid and we are being taken cared of, that we are not just working in our offices but we can also feel that there are people who you can talk to and people who will listen to you.

People skills is important in building your relationship with your colleagues, you should know how to adjust to the society you are working, because if you did, they will do the same with you. Be sensitive to the needs of your colleagues, their feeling and their situation. Always listen and think before uttering your opinions and comments.

Discover your relationship needs to your colleagues and their need from you. Once identified, understand it because it could be your tool in building best relationships

Always find time to have small talk with your colleagues, talking about life will help you refresh your mind about your tasks and job.

Emotional Intelligence is a must! This will help you keep the pace of your good relationship with your colleagues. Never ever be the one who bring the bad vibes in the office, being an attention seeker will never help you have a good relationship at work, most of the time it could be a reason for your colleagues to avoid you. Always be the one who uplift and bring the positive vibes at your workplace.

Appreciating your achievements will boost your energy and will add up to your motivation, same with others, when you are recognizing little help and accomplishments from your society keeps a good relationship.

Gossiping doesn’t help you build a good working environment. This will destroy more of your relationship with people around you in the office. This one creates tensions, fight and disrespecting other. Never ever talk about someone on their back if you don’t want that to happen to you. This is about the golden rule, don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.