eCommerce Platform: Shopify vs WooCommerce

Business owners who wants to sell their goods online usually ask this question, which eCommerce platform should they sell their products? It is Shopify or WooCommerce? This article will enlighten users which one they should choose over the other, but If you’re already familiar with both platforms, then you can simply ignore this article or much better if you can provide valuable feedback by leaving a comment down below.


This platform is very popular because of its ease of use and simplicity. You just need to create a free 14 days trial account and choose a paid plan, connect your domain and customize the site using its very easy to use interface. Upload your products, set up your check out page, delivery method and you can start selling online. There are also free shopify apps that you can download to add new features to your store such as email lead capture forms, social proofs, reviews, timer, and even use paid apps and themes to make your website look professional. There are already available free themes and apps which are really great and helpful, but once you started earning, I strongly suggest to invest on other apps to improve overall user experience and even sales.


This platform on the other hand is preferred by web developers with years of experience developing wordpress websites. It is an addon for WordPress and the good thing about it – it is total free. Yes! Free! If you are working on WordPress, then you might want to check this route.

Setting up an ecommerce store with WooCommerce is not easy as Shopify, as you need to configure your hosting, setup a WordPress website, install the WooCommerce plugin and other important related apps. Once setup, then similar to Shopify, you set the shipping details, payment method, ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, Google tag manager, and other custom settings that you want to add into your website.

In terms of themes, there are also free which are really good as a starting point, but if you do have extra budget to spare, then you should definitely buy premium themes as it will drastically improve your overall website speed, performance and user experience.

I would like to emphasize that when you setup a WooCommerce store, yes it is free but you still need to pay for your web hosting and domain name, while on Shopify you just need to pay for a subscription and connect your domain name and that’s it. So if you will analyze, the cost is quite similar but there are web hosting accounts that can accommodate multiple websites as Shopify plans can be used to only 1 store. So if you have 2 stores, you need 2 subscriptions. Hope that makes it clear.

If you don’t have enough experience with WordPress, I suggest that you go straight with Shopify if you don’t want to manage a lot of things and want to have a much easier life. Once you earn a good amount, then you can create a second store using WooCommerce so that you can experience it. If you think both platforms will be tedious to maintain and manage by yourself. I suggest you hire a web developer who specialise in eCommerce platforms. Getting help from experts will help you scale even faster, be it on Shopify or WooCommerce platforms.